1. General Information

  • Course: CS-3510 – Design and Analysis of Algorithms
  • Section: A
  • Credits: 3.0
  • Grade Basis: Letter
  • Levels: Graduate Semester, Undergraduate Semester
  • Prerequisites: (1) CS 2050 or CS 2051 or MATH 2106 and (2) CS 1332 or MATH 3012 or MATH 3022

2. Textbooks

Cormen, T. H., Leiserson, C. E., Rivest, R. L., & Stein, C. Introduction to Algorithms, Third Edition, MIT Press, 2009. (Full text is available online for Georgia Tech students)

Recommended | Optional
Kleinberg, J., & Tardos, E. Algorithm design. Pearson/Addison-Wesley, 2006.

Recommended | Optional
Dasgupta, S., Papadimitriou, C. H., & Vazirani, U. V. Algorithms, McGraw-Hill Higher Education, 2008.

Recommended | Optional
Benoit, A., Robert, Y., & Vivien, F. A guide to algorithm design: paradigms, methods, and complexity analysis, CRC Press, 2013.

3. Grading

3.1. Grading Schemes

The final course grade will be the maximum of the two following grading schemes:

Scheme 1: Scheme 2:
- Homeworks: 30% - Homeworks: 30%
- Exam 1: 30% - Exam 1: 15%
- Exam 2: 30% - Exam 2: 15%
- Final Exam: 10% - Final Exam: 40%

3.2. Letter Grade Cutoff

A 90-100%
B 80-90%
C 70-80%
D 60-70%
F 0-60%

4. Homework Assignments

There will be about 6 homework assignments in this semester which will usually be released on Fridays and you will have one week to submit your solutions. The grade of assignments has a 30% contribution in your final grade. The solution of each assignment will be released 48 hours after the submission deadline.

4.1. Submission

All assignments must be typed and submitted to Canvas by 11:59 pm EST on the due date. Handwritten submissions will not be accepted or graded. It is highly recommended to use LaTeX to typeset your solutions. A tex template file will be provided for each homework to fascilitate working with LaTeX.

Please note that Canvas keeps track of the submissions and append a version number when you re-submit. We always grade your most recent submissions.

4.2. Late Policy

You will have a total of 6 late days for the entire semester, but you can use at most 2 late days for one assingment. That means you can submit an assingment at most 48 hours later than the deadline; however, the total number of late days in the entire semester cannot exceed 6 days. The late submissions comply this grace period rule will be graded without penalty. Note:

  • The allowed late days are counted by day, where a new late day starts at 12:00 am EST.

  • We cannot accept any assignment submitted 48 hours after the deadline since the solutions will be relased by that time.

  • Any submission after the 48 hours grace period for one assingment or any late submission after using all total 6 late days will get 0 credit.

There is an exception for medical reasons and emergencies. In such cases, you must contact the Dean of Students office, and submit the corresponding documents directly to the Dean's office. After recieving the information, they will notify the course instructor on your behalf.

4.3. Regrade Policy

If you feel that your homework is needed to be regraded, you can submit a regrading request within one week of receiving your grade. Normally, each homework question is graded by one TA; therefore, you need to send the regrading request to the grader directly. Please note that regrading of a homework may cause your grade to go either up or down.

4.4. Collaboration Policy and Honor Code

All course participants are expected to acknowledge the code of academic integrity:

"The members of the Georgia Tech community believe the fundamental objective of the Institute is to provide the students with a high-quality education while developing in them a sense of ethics and social responsibility. We believe that trust is an integral part of the learning process and that self-discipline is necessary in this pursuit. We also believe that any instance of dishonesty hurts the entire community. It is with this in mind that we have set forth a student Honor Code at Georgia Tech." — See the complete Georgia Tech Academic Honor Code

While collaboration is allowed for homework assignment, you are responsible for completing and submitting your own work. Using exact copy or paraphrased text or published materials are not allowed unless proper citation is added in your submission. Each student must write up and submit their own answers and acknowledge their collaborators. Any academic misconduct will be reported to and directly handled by the Office of Student Integrity (OSI)

5. Disabilities and Special Accommodations

The Office of Disability Services (ODS) is committed to continuing to provide guidance and resources for students with disabilities, such as academic accommodations and exam accommodations.

6. Disclaimer

The presented schedule including the topics, orders, dates and times are tentative and subject to change. I reserve the right to modify any of these plans as need be during the course of the class; however, such changes and updates will not be dramatic and will be announced well in advance. The students should check this website and the Announcements section regularly for the latest updates.